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"He was able to save both my feet"

“If you’re having problems with your feet and it won’t heal, for best care ever, you need to go to the Wound Institute of Beverly Hills and see Dr. David Pougatsch. I thought I was going to lose both my feet but by the awesome wisdom and knowledge of this doctor, he was able to save both my feet. There’s no words to express my feelings and gratitude towards this doctor. I have been seeing him since July 2016. He’s straight forward and tells you the truth and he doesn’t beat around the bush.” – V.V.

"Anyone Suffering Chronic Wound Issues Could Do No Better Than To Enlist The Care Provided By This doctor"

“Dr. Pougatsch has been our wound care specialist for almost two years. His leading edge wound treatments and technical expertise inspire patient confidence and optimism necessary for long term slow healing wounds. Anyone suffering chronic wound issues could do no better than to enlist the care provided by this doctor. We have no hesitation in giving him the highest possible recommendation.” – B.V.

"Gold Star, Academy Award, Olympic Gold To This Wound Center"

I had a wound on my chest that would not heal, that oozed pus, and was extremely painful because of the location. I had three dermatological surgeries- all of which failed to cure the problem. I went to a thoracic surgeon, with the same results. After seeing more doctors than a pharmaceutical rep., I was referred to the Sherman Oaks Wound Center to see Dr. Som Kohanzadeh (both Sherman Oaks and Cedar Sinai locations).
Dr. Som as he is called, was professional and attendant to my needs. Where everyone else has failed- he succeeded. After a few months of intense treatment, the wound began to heal, and it ultimately did just that. It was because of the magic of Dr. Som, his persistence in treating me, and the encouragement of the best staff in medicine, that this occurred. He is the “God” in wound care healing, especially of the unending, seemingly incurable kind. Everyone talks about having the best doctor, but this doctor is empirically and otherwise, the best. It was a miracle, and he went through the bag of tricks to perform this miracle.
Highly recommend? Yes.
Talented and caring? Yes.
Great staff? Yes.
The answer. The one to see when all hope evaporates. It was a fluke referral to Dr. Som, and one which I will never forget or regret.
Gold Star, Academy Award, Olympic Gold to this Wound Center.” – J.C.I.R.

"Dr. Som Is Absolutely Amazing!"

“Dr. Som is absolutely amazing!
I had a wound on my arm that refused to heal and after several attempts by various physicians to treat it, I found myself at the Wound Institute of Beverly Hills. From the very first visit, I felt so comfortable and at ease.
Dr. Som took the time to methodically answer all of my questions, anticipated my concerns and comforted me, and thoroughly explained my options.
Throughout the next several weeks, I continued to see him as he treated my wound.
I am so pleased with the results and my entire experience with Dr. Som!
Both he and his staff are very professional and attentive and I highly recommend the Wound Institute of Beverly Hills to anybody with a wound or scar!” – M.B.